Domino Katowice




“Zero group” are the youngest (around one-year-olds) children in Domino. Two carers look after ten of them, one of them is a nurse, another one is an experienced child carer. 

We find the adaptation period really crucial, it helps us to create in our nursery home- like conditions. During this time children are accompanied by their parents or other close to them people. They can meet their carers, other children, get used to a new environment. This time is also important for parents who build their trust and confidence that our nursery is a friendly place where their children can be under good care, develop and play with their peers. From our perspective, an adaptation period allows us to know more about the children’s habits, preferences and to learn from parents what their expectations are.

Our pupils’ health is a priority, so we pay a lot of attention to proper care, healthy diet, everyday walks, rest, hygiene and cleanliness. Every child is under individual protection of our carers and doctor Bożena Marek –Michalska. The continuous contact and close cooperation with parents is our great asset. Confidence, calmness, thoughtfulness, understanding every child’s needs, smile and affection are reasons why children feel secure and willingly stay with us.


“One group” is a group of  14 children between 18 and 24 months old. These children are well adapted to the nursery, they are happy to see their peers and in fact they can play together and make first friends. 

As children of this age are naturally ready to act, we use this feature and spend a lot of time to teach them independence. The kids can eat on their own, learn how to segregate and tidy toys, know where their locker is, what the names of their friends and carers are and they know a daily schedule. Rapid speech development makes communication with peers possible and they can play thematic games. They quickly memorise song lyrics, new English words and make their first art creations, whereas everyday activities in the playground help develop their mobility



“Two group” is a so called pre-kindergarten group for kids over two years old. Such children are keen on outdoor games, are really active, mobile and curious. They are able to concentrate for a longer period of time and eagerly participate in all activities. They improve their confidence and ability to live in a group.

Their daily schedule, similar to kindergarten groups, includes everyday education, arts, rhythmic gymnastics and English, but also outdoor games and rest. Finishing their education in Dwójeczki kids are really well prepared for their next new role in kindergarten. Everything they learn at this early stage will have a significant impact on the next years in kindergarten and later in school.