Domino Katowice


budynek k-s

Artistic Kindergarten Domino came to life in 2007 so our first kindergarten pupils have already become adults. When children leave our kindergarten it doesn’t mean they leave us. They are frequent visitors to their beloved Domino and they stay in touch to boast about their achievements (more about it in Graduates Gallery). The kindergarten possesses two facilities located in Katowice, in Franciszkańska street and Kossak-Szczuckiej street. Both of them follow the same curriculum and are complementary to one another. Our kids are taken good care of by qualified and experienced pedagogues, a speech therapist, psychologist and paediatrician.

We always choose our team from among well educated and qualified candidates and we treat this work as a mission, so our staff work with passion and they do love their job. After many years of operating we have managed to create a companionable and experienced team, full of ideas and positive energy (more in Our Staff).

In our kindergarten children grow up healthily, learn and play. From the early age we teach kids confidence, healthy and hygienic lifestyle, tolerance and respect to other people. We follow a really interesting and varied educational, artistic and sports programme where learning takes place with the help of games, movement, music, theatre and arts. This way we achieve very good results.
In our work with kids our priority is their safety and health, that is why when creating a kindergarten we meticulously fulfilled all safety and sanitary requirements.

We chose a suitable location far from noise and exhaust fumes. Our facilities are surrounded by greenery, easily accessible and have a large parking lot for parents’ cars. Our kindergarten has an adjoining garden where children spend lots of time actively. We are keen on inviting parents, siblings, grandparents to our kindergarten’s barbecues, picnics or performances. Our guests can visit us not only at the time of such events, but any time and they can notice that kids feel like at home in Domino.