About kindergarten

About kindergarten

budynek k-s

Artistic Kindergarten Domino came to life in 2007 so our first kindergarten pupils have already become adults. When children leave our kindergarten it doesn’t mean they leave us. They are frequent visitors to their beloved Domino and they stay in touch to boast about their achievements (more about it in Graduates Gallery). The kindergarten possesses two facilities located in Katowice, in Franciszkańska street and Kossak-Szczuckiej street. Both of them follow the same curriculum and are complementary to one another. Our kids are taken good care of by qualified and experienced pedagogues, a speech therapist, psychologist and paediatrician.

We always choose our team from among well educated and qualified candidates and we treat this work as a mission, so our staff work with passion and they do love their job. After many years of operating we have managed to create a companionable and experienced team, full of ideas and positive energy (more in Our Staff).

In our kindergarten children grow up healthily, learn and play. From the early age we teach kids confidence, healthy and hygienic lifestyle, tolerance and respect to other people. We follow a really interesting and varied educational, artistic and sports programme where learning takes place with the help of games, movement, music, theatre and arts. This way we achieve very good results.
In our work with kids our priority is their safety and health, that is why when creating a kindergarten we meticulously fulfilled all safety and sanitary requirements.

We chose a suitable location far from noise and exhaust fumes. Our facilities are surrounded by greenery, easily accessible and have a large parking lot for parents’ cars. Our kindergarten has an adjoining garden where children spend lots of time actively. We are keen on inviting parents, siblings, grandparents to our kindergarten’s barbecues, picnics or performances. Our guests can visit us not only at the time of such events, but any time and they can notice that kids feel like at home in Domino.


Kamil i globus


Children learn differently from adults. They collect their experiences with their ‘hand, heart and head’. They learn through acting. Daniela Braun

Education in kindergarten, which is supposed to prepare kids for school, is not only remembering letters, numbers or different concepts. 

Most importantly, it is supporting correct emotional growth. Our mission during this process of children’s education is building their autonomy and showing them how they can draw happiness and satisfation from learning.

Foreign languages

Learning foreign languages is a gate to knowledge.  Roger Bacon Every child possesses an ability to learn foreign languages through listening, repeating, singing and playing. Acquiring foreign language skills is most effective when it resembles learning a mother tongue. So we teach English language at various everyday situations while playing, singing, moving.


Physical activity is a natural kid’s need and a base for a right development of a young organism. Because of that sport plays a significant role in our daily schedule. 

Corrective and general gymnastics, judo, football, are among favourite activities. A Child’s Day in our kindergarten is a Sports Day with a lot of activities, competitions and attractions.

Judo in Domino is now a tradition. Our coach is Ms Magdalena Korfanty. We are happy to say that some of the kids presented in the photo (from 2011) have become successful in this sport.


With the help of art we teach children how to express their feelings and emotions. Thanks to art children learn to notice the beauty of nature and surrounding world. When participating in art competitions they have a chance to see various creations and art techniques.


‘I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning’ Plato.

Music education in Domino begins in the youngest groups. At everyday classes of rhythmic gymnastics the children learn singing, playing different instruments like boomwhackers, xylophones and glockenspiels.

They take part in concerts of classical, pop and folk music. Moreover, they give concerts during the kindergarten performances or singing competitions. In the photo our band ‘Domino Notes’.

Modern dance

Classes of dancing and rhythmic movements are most popular with girls. These activities improve movement coordination, ability to concentrate and mainly are good fun.


Logorhythmic is joined speech therapy and rhythmic gymnastics, namely exercising vocal apparatus and body movement to the rhythm of music. Logorhythmics significantly influences correct speech development and generally physical development, coordination and concentration.


Theatre is a great adventure allowing kids to boost their natural talents and creativity. During rehearsals and performances children learn how to work in a group and how to overcome stage fright. 

Every performance prepared by them is an intense experience for adults and a huge success for children. Several times a year we invite real actors who entertain kids with special shows. 

Another unforgettable moments are trips to a theatre where at workshops little artists have a chance to learn the art of acting from actors. 

Adventure with book

‘A house with no books is like a beach with no sun’  José Martí

And what about a kindergarten with no books?
A book is a constant companion to our kids, when they play and when they rest. Teachers always have time to read to kids about something extraordinary. 

Visiting a nearby library and meeting with favourite book characters is also really appealing. Our bookcrossing shelf is popular both with parents and kids. 

We would like to share the joy of reading and release books. Please visit the website: www.bookcrossing.pl  

Programming on the carpet

Encoding and programming classes are a wonderful fun and a lesson of logical thinking, but most importantly they teach very young children  how to use modern technology in a smart way. 


Birthday parties

Birthday parties is a tradition in our kindergarten as these are amazing and unforgettable moments not only for a birthday person.

Preparations shared with the others, making congratulatory scrolls, giving best wishes and taking part in a birthday meal is a great lesson of  manners and good behaviour. 

Kindergarten inclusive

grupa dzieci

All kids, healthy ones, diseased and disabled ones have a right to develop in and outside their families. The most important outside environment is the peers’ environment as for diseased or disabled kids the contact with other children is a factor stimulating their development.  Integration between healthy children and  those with special needs brings benefits for both parts. All kids learn something from one another and search the ways how to function in a group.  

Artistic kindergarten Domino is open to everyone and we believe in inclusive education based on a model of perceiving disabilities as a result of various obstacles    social, economic, legal or organisational – created by our society. 

The mission of  Domino kindergarten is to overcome these barriers, especially mental, psychological and educational. In our kindergarten children with development disorders have good conditions to learn and play with their friends.    We follow individualised educational programmes adapted to a child’s needs and we organise remedia classes. Thanks to  this approach  all the children can function well in our kindergarten and in the future also in school and their adult lives. 


Janek budowniczy

Artistic kindergarten Domino offers services all the year, without a holiday break, in two packages.

Basic – taking care of a child between 7 am and 1 pm together with educational activities, English, art, theatre, rhythmical gymnastics, logorhythmics, corrective gymnastics and specialist care (paediatrician, psychologist, speech therapist).

Extended – taking care of a child between 7 am and 5 pm together with meals and all the basic package activities. We offer 2 meals: lunch and tea. Breakfasts are prepared by parents.

Our parents especially value a constant free medical care of our paediatrician,doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska.Children can rely on immediate medical care in case of falling ill when they are in a kindergarten, but also any other time.The parents appreciate a possibility to get a phone counsel, prescription or, if necessary, sick-leave.
The services include entry fee and payment for a chosen package.

Entry fee amounting to 400 PLN are costs connected with recruitment and a child’s adaptation period.
Basic package fee amounts to 400 PLN.
Extended package fee amounts to 620 PLN.