Domino Katowice


Artistic kindergarten Domino offers services all the year, without a holiday break, in two packages.

Basic – taking care of a child between 7 am and 1 pm together with educational activities, English, art, theatre, rhythmical gymnastics, logorhythmics, corrective gymnastics and specialist care (paediatrician, psychologist, speech therapist).

Extended – taking care of a child between 7 am and 5 pm together with meals and all the basic package activities. We offer 2 meals: lunch and tea. Breakfasts are prepared by parents.

Our parents especially value a constant free medical care of our paediatrician,doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska.Children can rely on immediate medical care in case of falling ill when they are in a kindergarten, but also any other time.The parents appreciate a possibility to get a phone counsel, prescription or, if necessary, sick-leave.
The services include entry fee and payment for a chosen package.

Entry fee amounting to 400 PLN are costs connected with recruitment and a child’s adaptation period.
Basic package fee amounts to 400 PLN.
Extended package fee amounts to 620 PLN.