Domino Katowice


Domino Katowice


rząd dzieci

Welcome in Domino Katowice

Domino Katowice consists of three matching dominoes : a nursery, kindergarten and paediatric clinic.

It was founded by Mrs Bożena Marek – Michalska, the Doctor of Medicine, whose passion is working with children as a paediatrician. Her knowledge of children’s needs, together with her expertise and experience, allowed doctor Marek -Michalska to create a place where children feel secure, develop well, learn and play and their parents don’t need to worry about their safety.

We have been working for several years now and during this time we have managed to build an experienced and well-qualified team of teachers and carers full of positive energy, whose greatest value is a child’s smile and well-being.


Dr Bożena Marek-Michalska has been running her Paediatric Clinic since 1992. Her mission is to help ill children using her long experience and kindness.


Domino Nursery is the first non-public nursery in Katowice and the only one with the all-day peadiatrician care. Health, safety, children’s joy and parents’ trust are our main objectives.

Janek budowniczy

Most children in Domino Artistic Kindergarten have spent their whole early childhood. The children learn about the world, develop their artistic abilities and other skills.