Domino Katowice


grupa dzieci

All kids, healthy ones, diseased and disabled ones have a right to develop in and outside their families. The most important outside environment is the peers’ environment as for diseased or disabled kids the contact with other children is a factor stimulating their development.  Integration between healthy children and  those with special needs brings benefits for both parts. All kids learn something from one another and search the ways how to function in a group.  

Artistic kindergarten Domino is open to everyone and we believe in inclusive education based on a model of perceiving disabilities as a result of various obstacles    social, economic, legal or organisational – created by our society. 

The mission of  Domino kindergarten is to overcome these barriers, especially mental, psychological and educational. In our kindergarten children with development disorders have good conditions to learn and play with their friends.    We follow individualised educational programmes adapted to a child’s needs and we organise remedia classes. Thanks to  this approach  all the children can function well in our kindergarten and in the future also in school and their adult lives.