Domino Katowice



General information:

Non-public Nursery Domino is situated in  Katowice in 36 Kossak-Szczuckiej street. The facility, which was designed and built especially for children, includes also Paediatric Health Centre and Artistic Kindergarten Domino. The building is modern, comfortable and functional, and meets all construction and sanitary requirements. 

A convenient location, good access from various directions and a large parking lot facilitate parents to drive their kids from many parts of Katowice and Silesia.

Children spend their time in spacious, sunny rooms where are special places to play, eat or rest. All the equipment and furniture have necessary certificates.

The nursery is located far from the traffic, surrounded by greenery, so kids can do a lot of activities outside. Every day younger children visit a peaceful and green area in their shared strollers, whereas older ones play in a large and attractive playground belonging to the Domino facility. 

The nursery is open every day from 6.30 am to 5.00 pm, from Monday to Friday. We work all year round, without a holiday break. We employ experienced  and well-qualified staff: kindergarten teachers, child carers, a nurse, a psychologist- speech therapist. Two people are in charge: the nursery principal  Mrs Agnieszka Pieczul and   Doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska.

Children are divided into 3 groups according to their age.: Zeróweczki (Zero group), Jedyneczki (One group) and Dwójeczki (Two group).  The groups’ names are taken from a number of dots on dominoes. 

A day schedule:

A day schedule may differ from this presented as it is adapted to a young kid’s needs. We create conditions similar to home ones, that is why the meals are ‘on request’ and time of naps depends on children’s preferences. 6.30 am – 9.00 am – morning in a nursery, we are welcoming all children, free games 9.00 am – breakfast, 9.30am -12.00 pm – educational activities, rhythmic gymnastics, English, games, walks and outdoor games 12.00 pm – lunch 12.30pm – 2.30 pm – rest, after-lunch nap 2.30 pm – tea 3.00 pm -5.00 pm – games, children are taken home