Domino Katowice



Nursery Domino was created in 2011 and as the first non- public nursery in Katowice provides an example for other similar facilities. It was founded by doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska, who used her expertise and experience as a paediatrician to create a secure and child-friendly place.

The co-existence of the nursery and the Pediatric Health Centre means the continuation of child care, based on trust and ensuring parents’ peace of mind. This peace of mind, parents’satisfaction and children’s joy while being under our care are decisive factors when comes to the choice of Artistic Kindergarten Domino. 

A nursery joined with a kindergarten guarantees no stress for kids and their parents and no need to adapt to a new environment. It means comfort and convenience in case of siblings, stability and the sense of security, which are substantial in the fast and changing modern world. We are proud of the fact that almost all the children finishing the Nursery Domino stay in our kindergarten.