About nursery

About nursery


Nursery Domino was created in 2011 and as the first non- public nursery in Katowice provides an example for other similar facilities. It was founded by doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska, who used her expertise and experience as a paediatrician to create a secure and child-friendly place.

The co-existence of the nursery and the Pediatric Health Centre means the continuation of child care, based on trust and ensuring parents’ peace of mind. This peace of mind, parents’satisfaction and children’s joy while being under our care are decisive factors when comes to the choice of Artistic Kindergarten Domino. 

A nursery joined with a kindergarten guarantees no stress for kids and their parents and no need to adapt to a new environment. It means comfort and convenience in case of siblings, stability and the sense of security, which are substantial in the fast and changing modern world. We are proud of the fact that almost all the children finishing the Nursery Domino stay in our kindergarten.




Non – public Nursery Domino provides care for children between 6 months old and 3 years old, from 6.30.am until 5.00. pm, Monday to Friday. 

The children are in small groups of 12 to 16. The carers are highly qualified and they understand little children’s needs. A paediatrician is responsible for their health and safety.

The care in our nursery means not only proper guardianship, healthy diet, walks and rest, but also various other activities and attractions, which create a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.



Healthy and hygienic diet is for us of primary importance. We pay attention to children’s preferences, parents’ requests and we follow recommended elimination diets. 

The meals are prepared by the trusted catering company specialising in cooking for nurseries and kindergartens. The food is tasty, healthy and provides all essential nutrients. 

We teach our children from very early age how to eat on their own and how to eat healthily.

plac zabaw

Outdoor activities

Our kids’ favourite activities are everyday walks and outdoor gams. The good location of our nusery in a green environment far from noise and traffic makes such healthy lifestyle possible. Local residents are familiar with our comfortable, shared strollers. Older children are fond of playing in a sandbox and running around in a safe playground.


Relax and rest are extremely important in our daily schedule. Children fall asleep on their folding chairs, listening to quiet lullabies just to feel full of energy later during a day.


Education in the nursery mainly focuses on teaching independence, discovering the environment and developing social skills. 

Creating good conditions to connect playing with learning brings really tangible benefits and as a result children are better prepared to start kindergarten education. 

What is more, they are more brave , open and have no problems relating to other children.



Learning English with games and songs is a great fun for kids and a chance to meet their favourite puppet. 

However, we (adults) know that listening to foreign words at early age will result in more successful language learning in the future.   

plastyka żłobek


Art in the nursery is mainly playing with colours and shapes, developing manual skills, perception and creativity. 

We allow children to draw, paint with their hands, play with various materials, form new and strange shapes.

pianino żłobek

Rhytmic gymnastic 
and music

Rhythmic gymnastics means learning new sounds, sounds of different musical instruments, singing, moving and listening to popular melodies.
pianino żłobek





“Zero group” are the youngest (around one-year-olds) children in Domino. Two carers look after ten of them, one of them is a nurse, another one is an experienced child carer. 

We find the adaptation period really crucial, it helps us to create in our nursery home- like conditions. During this time children are accompanied by their parents or other close to them people. They can meet their carers, other children, get used to a new environment. This time is also important for parents who build their trust and confidence that our nursery is a friendly place where their children can be under good care, develop and play with their peers. From our perspective, an adaptation period allows us to know more about the children’s habits, preferences and to learn from parents what their expectations are.

Our pupils’ health is a priority, so we pay a lot of attention to proper care, healthy diet, everyday walks, rest, hygiene and cleanliness. Every child is under individual protection of our carers and doctor Bożena Marek –Michalska. The continuous contact and close cooperation with parents is our great asset. Confidence, calmness, thoughtfulness, understanding every child’s needs, smile and affection are reasons why children feel secure and willingly stay with us.



“One group” is a group of  14 children between 18 and 24 months old. These children are well adapted to the nursery, they are happy to see their peers and in fact they can play together and make first friends. 

As children of this age are naturally ready to act, we use this feature and spend a lot of time to teach them independence. The kids can eat on their own, learn how to segregate and tidy toys, know where their locker is, what the names of their friends and carers are and they know a daily schedule. Rapid speech development makes communication with peers possible and they can play thematic games. They quickly memorise song lyrics, new English words and make their first art creations, whereas everyday activities in the playground help develop their mobility




“Two group” is a so called pre-kindergarten group for kids over two years old. Such children are keen on outdoor games, are really active, mobile and curious. They are able to concentrate for a longer period of time and eagerly participate in all activities. They improve their confidence and ability to live in a group.

Their daily schedule, similar to kindergarten groups, includes everyday education, arts, rhythmic gymnastics and English, but also outdoor games and rest. Finishing their education in Dwójeczki kids are really well prepared for their next new role in kindergarten. Everything they learn at this early stage will have a significant impact on the next years in kindergarten and later in school.



General information:

Non-public Nursery Domino is situated in  Katowice in 36 Kossak-Szczuckiej street. The facility, which was designed and built especially for children, includes also Paediatric Health Centre and Artistic Kindergarten Domino. The building is modern, comfortable and functional, and meets all construction and sanitary requirements. 

A convenient location, good access from various directions and a large parking lot facilitate parents to drive their kids from many parts of Katowice and Silesia.

Children spend their time in spacious, sunny rooms where are special places to play, eat or rest. All the equipment and furniture have necessary certificates.

The nursery is located far from the traffic, surrounded by greenery, so kids can do a lot of activities outside. Every day younger children visit a peaceful and green area in their shared strollers, whereas older ones play in a large and attractive playground belonging to the Domino facility. 

The nursery is open every day from 6.30 am to 5.00 pm, from Monday to Friday. We work all year round, without a holiday break. We employ experienced  and well-qualified staff: kindergarten teachers, child carers, a nurse, a psychologist- speech therapist. Two people are in charge: the nursery principal  Mrs Agnieszka Pieczul and   Doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska.

Children are divided into 3 groups according to their age.: Zeróweczki (Zero group), Jedyneczki (One group) and Dwójeczki (Two group).  The groups’ names are taken from a number of dots on dominoes. 

A day schedule:

A day schedule may differ from this presented as it is adapted to a young kid’s needs. We create conditions similar to home ones, that is why the meals are ‘on request’ and time of naps depends on children’s preferences.

6.30 am – 9.00 am 
morning in a nursery, we are welcoming all children, free games

9.00 am – 9.00 am

9.30am -12.00 pm
educational activities, rhythmic gymnastics, English, games, walks and outdoor games

12.00 pm – 12.30 pm

12.30 pm – 2.30 pm
rest, after-lunch nap

2.30 pm – 3.00 pm

3.00 pm – 5 pm
games, children are taken home



Nursery services are paid for and include entry fee, basic tuition fees and the payment for meals.

Entry fee amounting to 600 PLN are costs connected with recruitment and a child’s adaptation period.

Basic tuition fees amounting to 600 PLN , include the costs of care between 6.30 am and 5.00 pm, cost of all nursery activities, specialistic care of a paediatrician, psychologist and speech therapist. It is constant regardless of a number of hours spent in a nursery or a child’s absence. These fees do not include the cost of nappies.
Payment for meals is 220 PLN per month and it depends on a number of meals ordered by parents. It includes the cost of lunches and teas, whereas breakfasts are prepared by parents. It is also possible to deliver your own lunches and teas. We take into account doctor’s recommendations concerning elimination diets or particular children’s or parents’ preferences.
Our parents especially value a constant free medical care of our paediatrician, doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska. The children can rely on immediate medical care in case of falling ill when they are in a nursery, but also any other time. The parents appreciate a possibility to get a phone counsel, prescription or, if necessary, sick-leave.