Domino Katowice


Nursery services are paid for and include entry fee, basic tuition fees and the payment for meals.

Entry fee amounting to 400 PLN are costs connected with recruitment and a child’s adaptation period.

Basic tuition fees amounting to 600 PLN , include the costs of care between 6.30 am and 5.00 pm, cost of all nursery activities, specialistic care of a paediatrician, psychologist and speech therapist. It is constant regardless of a number of hours spent in a nursery or a child’s absence. These fees do not include the cost of nappies.
Payment for meals is 220 PLN per month and it depends on a number of meals ordered by parents. It includes the cost of lunches and teas, whereas breakfasts are prepared by parents. It is also possible to deliver your own lunches and teas. We take into account doctor’s recommendations concerning elimination diets or particular children’s or parents’ preferences.
Our parents especially value a constant free medical care of our paediatrician, doctor Bożena Marek-Michalska. The children can rely on immediate medical care in case of falling ill when they are in a nursery, but also any other time. The parents appreciate a possibility to get a phone counsel, prescription or, if necessary, sick-leave.