Domino Katowice


Dr n. med. Bożena Marek-Michalska

Bożena z psem

The beginnings

Welcome to the website of my Paediatric Clinic, often called by my patients ‘Dr Michalska’s Clinic’. It has been operating since 1998 as a non-public health centre, however, I have been working as an independent paediatrician since 1992. Prior to that I worked at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Hospital Clinic in Zabrze. 

Thanks to a twelve-year-practice at such a demanding ward I gained a lot of expertise and extremely valuable experience how to react in all kinds of difficult situations. It was a period of extensive practical and scientific work and boosting my professional development. I had an opportunity to watch the work of wonderful doctors, academic teachers and professors. It was the time of hard work in hospital, surgery and emergency medical services. Due to the fact that I often had to be on duty on my own and I saved seriously ill children’s lives, I learnt how to make quick and right decisions.

The contacts with parents of the children under my care had a great impact on me and on my present work. I know how deeply worried and frightened these parents can be and I do realise how many dangers can potentially threaten the health and lives of our children. That is why my major concern is the child’s safety at home, in a nursery, kindergarten or school. What is most important when being with kids is constant care, attention and observant alertness. I decided that the main objective of my work would be continuous medical care and an immediate aid in emergency cases. I am trying to have a constant personal, phone or mail contact with my little patients’ parents; I also spend a lot of time learning and improving my professional qualifications. All these activities aim at the mission of well-being of the children I take care of.

Artistic Kindergarten Domino

The moment when I started my own family and became a mother of two children caused me to slow down as a doctor, but as a matter of fact, I got involved in another undertaking. In 2007 I founded Artistic Kindergarten Domino located in the City Centre of Culture ‘Ligota’ (MDK ‘Ligota’) in Katowice. I was inspired by my own son, who was at the pre-school age then and I had been looking for a perfect place for him. Together with my sister and best friend Agnieszka Pieczul, a very good and experienced pedagogue, we created a kindergarten. And that is how this place came into being, the place where our children and children of the people who entrusted us, found a thorough care. It was an amazing time for me as I could spend time with healthy and joyous kids watching them play and learn. As far as my medical work was concerned, I concentrated on prevention and outpatient care.

Non - public Nursery Domino

Still, it wasn’t the end of searching for fulfilling activities involving work with kids. I came back to my previous dream, which was to create a private nursery for the youngest ones. After two years of hard work: creating, designing, building and organising recruitment, I succeeded. In 2011 I registered the first non-public nursery in Katowice, which is one of the matching dominoes: a nursery, kindergarten and paediatric surgery. This complex, situated in Katowice, in 36 Kossak-Szczuckiej street, is the evidence of completing my mission, namely taking continuous care of children almost from the time they are born. The source of my great joy is the fact that the parents and children leaving our Domino after a few years often repeat that there is one more domino missing – a school. I would love to face this challenge, however, my work as a paediatrician, learning new things and mainly serving the children in Domino, leaves no place for more.